Parrot Drones has been quiet of late, but the company launched a salvo against DJI, the market leader, with the announcement of theParrot Anafi. It’s about damn time too. While a fan of DJI, we all want to see the camera drone market pushed forward.

The company has unveiled the Anafi, a folding drone that takes some not-so-subtle potshots at DJI's Mavic Air. It's not just the portability -- the Anafi touts a 21-megapixel camera that promises 4K HDR video at 100Mbps, including 2.8X lossless zoom.

The camera isn't good as the Mavic Air's in some respects, as it's only using two-axis mechanical stabilization (software and a wide lens handle the third axis). Still, it represents a big improvement over the 1080p video and no-gimbal design of Parrot's Bebop drones.

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